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Topics For Presentation

Connecting with Your Intuition: A beginner class on intuition; we will talk about what intuition is, how we receive our inner guidance and what to do with it. You will learn how to ground and protect your energy. Come prepared to learn just how powerful you can become when you know how to use your inner compass. There will be a discussion, meditation and opportunities to experience how Spirit works in your life.

Energy Healing Information Session: This class is informational and will answer all your questions about energy healing and more: what is, why is popular, what can it do for me? You will learn what you need to know about energy, how it works and why it is necessary for maintaining or attaining your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. This class will be informational and there will be hands on demonstration.

A Healer’s Toolbox: When you catch a cold, have allergies, upset stomach, cut a finger, or feel sleepless, what is your first line of defense? Do you look in your medicine cabinet or do you run to the local pharmacy? What do you have in your bag of tricks? Unfortunately, quite often those things we have or use often have side effects with them, short term or long term. There are many quick, cost effective, natural remedies for everyday ailments that can replace what you currently reach for. Being an energy healer, the last thing I reach for is medicine, so we will talk about some great healing opportunities from my medicine chest. Did you know that Peppermint has many uses besides being tasty in toothpaste and a great flavoring in candy or gum? It can help with headaches, stomach discomfort, improving concentration and more. Come learn about the uses of peppermint and other things for every day care.

Healing through Flowers: Have you seen those little bottles of Flower Essences in your local health food? You know the ones that look like potions of ancient apothecaries. This class will be dedicated to a discussion of what flower essences are, how they work, what they can do for you. You will learn about the subtle energy healing of flowers, have a beginner’s knowledge of what to do with Flower Essences and a list of the common ones that are necessary in today’s world. See what the magic of Nature holds for you.

Introduction to Auras: This is a beginner’s level class with discussion of the Auric Energy Bodies surrounding physical beings and objects. What are Auras? We all hear about them, talk about them, and use them in discussion, but do you really know what they are? Do you know what they look? Do you know how to see them? And if you do, do you know what the colors mean?

Tools for Strengthening Your Aura: This is a beginner’s level class with discussion of the Auric Energy Bodies surrounding physical beings and objects. What are Auras? We all hear about them, talk about them, and use them in discussion, but do you really know what they are? You will learn to sense, feel and see Auras; and develop a better understanding of the role they play in your life. Because your Aura meets the world before you do, it is important to understand what weakens it and strengthens it. You will learn how to maintain, protect, strengthen and cleanse your Aura. Some would say having a strong Aura is like having psychic defense.

Introduction to Essential Oils: Join others wanting to expand their knowledge or even get acquainted with Essential Oils. You will learn about what Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are, how to apply them, how to use them to maintain your well being, how to use them for first aid and how they can replace the need for over-the-counter remedies. As you all know I have been using essential oils for years, but nothing was more magical than when I found the high vibrational Essential Oils. Now, I’d like to share that with you too. So come on, have fun and learn about their magic.

Change Your Thoughts, Create Your Life: What do thoughts have to do with how your life is going? EVERYTHING! Did you ever wonder how you can manifest what you desire? It has everything to do with your thought processes. This class will help you change your perception and words that you use in everyday life. Unfortunately, we have a lot of patterns and old beliefs that no longer serve us. Come learn how to gain a new perspective on life. Join others that want to create a life they love, one that is free from limiting beliefs and where everything is possible.

Remember, a miracle is just around the corner!

People are saying

“I hope you are doing well and wanted to thank you again for the “Aura” classes.  In my opinion the contents of the class was very rich and at the same time you managed to relate it in a very friendly manner so it didn’t feel overwhelming. Thank you for devoting yourself to bringing the light into the world.” – Tanya Aura Class

“This was so awesome and much needed.  I’m really glad I was able to join you for this celebration.  I’m looking forward to lighting my candle on New Year’s Day and letting it shine in me all year. You are such a special person and I’m so glad to know you.  Thank you for your love and joyful spirit.” – Robin, Solstice Celebration