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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Energy Thoughts: Stop, Look and Listen to Your Heart

This morning I was conversing with my guides about the energies of 2021. The words of Winnie the Pooh came into my mind loud and clear “Did you ever stop to think and forget to start again?”

The overall energy is that we are getting clear about what it is we want to create in our world, and more globally. Spirit is asking you to STOP and think about where you are going and what direction you are moving in. The past year was like no other we’ve experienced in recent times that did stop us from going about business as usual, but that only broke us from patterns temporarily. When the world is free to move around once again, will we go back to those previous patterns? Will we have learned anything new? Will we have discovered a new path that we are heading towards? Are we allowing fear to come into play? Are we allowing joy to lead the way? These are just a few of the questions Spirit has asked us to ponder.

The past year was like no other for me as much as it was for you; however, I had the added stress of health issues and experiencing three major surgeries in less than one year. The first surgery healed a long time issue of not being able to walk–and boy did I utilized the call of nature and the pressure to social distance as an opportunity to walk. It made it possible for me to stop and think about what it is that I am doing. Last summer, I opened my mind and heart to many potentials and different directions to go in. I was getting clearly that we as a collective are beginning again–look ahead of you and notice there is a clean slate. I chose to follow ideas that flowed to me and I am moving in that direction. Then I was faced with a surgery that I had planned, but with some complications. Then I was faced with a surgery that I had no choice to wait on–one that I knew I would likely ultimately need, but thought I could wait another year. Instead, I realized it was a matter of urgency—not without a great deal of emotion I decided to do the surgery. I am still recovering and it may be awhile before I feel completely ok again. But it has once again asked to me to determine the direction that I am heading in and to see all alternatives. It has encouraged me to look beyond what is right in front of me and dream. It is asking me to see the possibilities laid out in front of me, there are many more than I dreamed. It has asked me to look at the road of my journey over the last twenty or so years leading me in this direction and perhaps my whole life. It is asking me to stop, look around my reality and listen to what my heart is saying. Spirit is asking you to do the same.

I am not quite sure just yet what will be, but what I do know is that we are on the path to becoming a united people in love. Oh yes, it doesn’t look that way, but it is and can be a reality. It requires releasing the old way of being and recognizing that anger, violence, jealousy, fear, inequality and resentment have no place in an evolving society. We as a people are changing –we are entering a new paradigm. Yes, it is easy to claim that it has something to do with the changing of the people in powerful places, for example, in the US, an Inauguration took place for a new president, but that is not it. It has more to do with the changing of human consciousness which requires humans to be conscious. Weird isn’t it? We think because we wake up every day and live our life acquiring the “right things”, eating the right way, making ends meet and sometimes beyond that we are doing it right. Well, guess again that is what Spirit is calling you to look at and reflect on. Yes, you are living, (read: surviving), but are you a joyful, love filled being? Or are you too tired, too stressed to actually be present with your life, your decisions and yourself? 

We are creatures of habit and even more so we don’t like to experience change easily. We resist it as we go, but as Star Trek’s most famous saying goes “Resistance is Futile”. Change is happening all the time, but now it is happening on a grander scale that is rippling throughout humanity. It is happening within you and around you. Will you partake in it to create the world you want to live in or will you just allow the world to lead you? If you are a lightworker, truly a lightworker than you know your job is to stand up in your power and be an example of light for others.

Step away from what you have been going about doing –whether it is just this past year or it has been years and determine if this is who you really are. You ask how? Spirit says, the first question to answer is, no matter your circumstances, what do you feel every day? Do you even know how you feel? Step into that question and really allow yourself to go there, be honest. How do you feel? Content? Fearful? Worried? Excited?

Back to the energy of this new year. The first few months of this new year, is all about taking the time now for reflection because once the new earth officially gets underway around the equinox, things will happen (read: move forward faster) and you will need to know which way to go. It is not only important to recognize the direction we wish to move in, but we also must recognize the energy we are putting out into the world. If we are moving fast and we don’t reflect–perhaps our energy will be haphazard (read: lots of stops and starts and misdirection) and we are not in conscious creation. If we are moving slowly, or for some, not moving at all, what is it we are stuck in (read: what fears are coming up? Afraid of failure or is it fear of success? These are the things that we ultimately get stuck in with the help of old outdated, past programming we’ve come to accept about ourselves.)

Spirit is guiding you now to take a few moments in the next several weeks to be in the present with your current world, current circumstances, current choices and the life you are currently living. Presence is key–my guides have often channeled this many times throughout the years, but now it is no longer about practicing –it is about being. Soon it will be about taking action and making things happen. Are you ready? Set go, wait, stop and think, but this time start again may mean a new direction or an improved version of the old one. Only proceed down the path you are on if it feels intuitively right for you and if it doesn’t get ready to create the life you’ve always dreamed of the universe and all its magical energy is on your side going forward. Remember that blank slate I spoke about above? Well, what you choose will have all the support you need coming your way to fulfill your mission and your life on Gaia.

Remember, a miracle is just around the corner!

People are saying

“There are times I look for a little guidance, clarity, reassurance, etc. and I have to tell you, the last reading I had was so on target, I was amazed.” – Christine

“I recently had a reading with April that gave me peace of mind and also helped bolster my faith to move forward in the direction I’m going. The information confirmed a lot of what I suspected but there was also new information… actually a lot of information/guidance in the time we had. She gave me direction to help me on my way and followed up quickly. Her energy is really beautiful, and she is definitely someone I would want to work with again. Very professional as well. Time will tell, but I feel good about what’s to come, and that’s worth a lot! Thank you!!” – Julie