Soul Star Healing Energy Healing and Intuitive Readings

Welcome to Soul Star Healing!

I am EstaRa April D’Amato. Namaste.

Intuitive Counselor * Spiritual Coach * Energy Healer * Teacher * Channel * Divine Partnership Coach

Business Mission: Promoting H.O.P.E. Healing Our Planet Earth one person at a time through turning on the lights.

Offering Services for Adults and Children through Individual Sessions, Workshops & Classes.


I am not currently taking on new clients at this time: however, if you are interested in being placed on my waiting list, please fill out the contact form.  I will contact you as appointments become available.

Meanwhile, I’m excited to share Recorded Meditations, Light Language Activations, my Reiki kids book and other spiritual tools available to purchase on the Healing Products page



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Remember, a miracle is just around the corner!

People are saying

“You don’t know how much I appreciate u believing in me. I’m so glad we met. I’ve done so much work and now I’m here to do all this work for my people. I suppressed my gifts until I started working with you. Now I can connect every step of my journey and how I always was a healer and I always knew it but no one supported me until now love u so very much!  I’m am forever grateful.”  – Rachel

“Wow you are right on- as always!  my spiritual advisor in human form – Believe it or not you keep me sane- well at least as well as I can be – I love you Ms April ” – Jan,  Intuitive Healing Session