I am an Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Coach, Energy Therapist and Teacher, Flower Essence Practitioner, Essential Oil Practitioner and a Twinflame & New Paradigm Divine Relationship Counselor. I am EstaRa. Many of you know me as April D’Amato. Upon my return from Egypt in 2011, I’ve embraced my spiritual name, EstaRa (“Carrier of the Blue Diamond Light”). Since that time I’ve unlocked my Celestial Lineage as well as Earth Lineage. I am an Elder of the Arcturian Masters of Light, High Priestess of Avalon and Mesopotamia and a daughter in the King Solomon line. My journey has taken me further into my past, present and future than I ever imagined.

When I learned of Reiki in 2000, I did not anticipate the beautiful changes that would occur in my life; the unfolding of my gifts and the power of true healing.  After a long, unsuccessful attempt at healing by way of traditional medicine for several physical ailments, I sought out alternative holistic healing modalities. After my first experience with Reiki, I immediately felt relief after only 10 minutes, I sought out a teacher and began my path of healing.

Since opening my business, I’ve had an incredible journey, and have expanded my healing techniques to include: Reiki, Quantum Touch Therapy, Integrative Energy Healing, Star being Energy Healing Systems, Intuitive Counseling, Life Coaching, Intuitive Readings, Bach Flower Essence Therapy, Herbal Wisdom, Nutrition and Healing with Essential Oils.  I continue to create various healing classes for adults and children. I have authored two books:  Shine Your Light: A Kid’s Guide to Reiki Healing Workbook and Shine Your Light: A Kid’s Guide to Reiki Healing Teaching Companion.

I have committed myself to living a life of light and love, and to helping others heal through connection to their spirit.  I look forward to helping you discover your path and provide you guidance, love, light and support along the way as well as practical solutions for healing.

I welcome you to my site and look forward to our connection.  Thank you.

Be love,