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I am glad you found your way here. I find that working with children is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. I spent about a year working in the mainstream arena where I developed a children’s group known as STARS: Socialization through Arts, Recreation and Science. I found that the mainstream arena is not where my gifts are best utilized; however, I loved working with the children and enjoyed the opportunity.

There are many ways to adapt to working with a child; it is just necessary to read the energy field of a child to determine the most appropriate way in which to work with them. Some children need guidance, some need help in understanding who they are and why they are here and others simply need to know they are not alone and that they are safe. What I have found is that what may have worked for some children doesn’t work for all and the traditional methods are not always the most successful or the most appropriate ways to help children especially with the children of today.

I not only perform Reiki during the sessions, but I encourage children to take on healthy attitudes and discuss how they can take care of themselves when not receiving Reiki. Shortly thereafter, I decided that one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the knowledge of self healing. While I truly believe there are many benefits to children receiving Reiki treatments, in 2007, I began teaching Reiki to children. As a result, I have written a kid’s Reiki Manual that you can see below.

In addition to performing energy healing sessions and teaching energy healing to children, I also have intuitive development circles for them where they can connect with their own sense of intuition and their angels. I have developed various ways for children to interact with the realm of spirit, from creating Fairy Birthday parties to Animal Totem Birthday parties and more.


Shine Your Light Books


This book, and its Teaching Companion book, have been in the works for some time since I started teaching children Reiki in 2007. I wanted kids to have the tools I didn’t have when I was growing up as an intuitive, sensitive being. Life is always full of ups and downs, but it can be a playground for our souls to not only grow but to have fun doing that; that is the gift I wanted to share with children when I wrote this book.

Shine Your Light: A Kid’s Guide to Reiki Healing is a clearly written, empowering hands-on workbook for use with children’s Reiki classes. In addition to the basics of Reiki, it covers the concepts of energy, auras and chakras and helps children explore their own senses and feelings and develop a healthy practice of self-care.  Thank you to Kate Clancy of Kelana Design who masterfully created the book’s cover as well as the illustrations to make this book into a usable workbook for children.

Both books are on sale here

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“Shine Your Light” interview
with Carla Augustyn

from Spiritual Invitation

People are saying

“He is doing much much better…only is having a few episodes a day now-and they are really minor. Hooray!”! -Elizabeth, Kid’s Session

“He seemed clearer and more content this morning, we did not have a fight to get ready.  Your healing of my son and the information you provided helps both my husband and I remember that is only 7 even if he acts like a little adult.” -Justine, Kid’s Session

“Thank you thank you thank you a million times thank you! I’d be lost right now without your guidance! As always, your words work magic!” – Cam, Intuitive Healing Session Teen