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Twin Flame/Divine Partnership Meditation: Running Energy

This class with the assistance of my Healing Team, includes a discussion on interference, a Light Language Clearing, a cord cutting and guidance on running energy through you and your divine partner. This is powerful exercise in Running energy will bring you and your divine partner closer, but also once learned you can run the energy for yourself on a daily basis to keep you healthy. There are two recordings attached to this purchase.  As with all energy, the healing and information is timeless which is why I provide the two recordings.


People are saying

“EstaRa has been an indispensable guide as I determine my future goals. I have to admit – I was skeptical about intuitive readings and reiki before I met her, but now I am a believer. April is the real thing. Give her a try and you will be really glad you did.”


Susannah | Individual Sessions with EstaRa