Intuitive and Healing Services

Chakra Toning Sound Healing

In this prerecorded 30 minute class will guide you through the process of Chakra Toning.  Chakra Toning is one of the most powerful, and basic tools for healing and cleansing the chakras.  I teach this technique in almost all of my classes because it is a perfect way to quickly clear and realign your energy. Chakra toning may be used daily to not only improve the flow of energy to and from your body, but also to improve your voice.


People are saying

“EstaRa has been an indispensable guide as I determine my future goals. I have to admit – I was skeptical about intuitive readings and reiki before I met her, but now I am a believer. April is the real thing. Give her a try and you will be really glad you did.”


Susannah | Individual Sessions with EstaRa