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Multidimensional Energy Healing


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Energy Healing involves working in the body’s energy field to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Energy Healing is used for stress reduction and relaxation and to promote healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The goal is to move energy so that it doesn’t become or remain stagnant in the body’s energy field. The practitioner can perform energy healing in person or from a distance.

Every living thing is made up of energy, known as Universal Life Force Energy. This energy is also called “ki”, ‘chi” and “prana. This same energy is channeled through the energy practitioner through their connection to Spirit into their crown (the top of their head). Practitioners use their hands on the person to be healed with the full intention of healing the client for their highest good. The energy flows automatically to where it is needed through the guidance of the client’s higher power.

Energy Healing puts a body into a relaxed state . It is similar to a meditative state or a near-sleep state without any effort the recipient. It helps people to get to a place that most people only achieve through meditation. When the body is fully relaxed, it is able to detect what is overworking or not working. Energetically, the practitioner is working with the recipient’s higher self and guides to channel the energy to the place(s) that needs healing. The body has wisdom and knows where the healing must take place and it works with the energy to promote healing to occur naturally and maintain a natural state of energetic balance.

What Forms of Multidimensional Healing:

Reiki – pronounced (Ray Key) an ancient Japanese healing art. The essence of Reiki Healing Energy is love, peace, harmony, cooperation and trust. This can be performed hands on the body or in the energy field.

IET – Integrated Energy Therapy – hands on-power energy therapy systems that get the “issues out of your tissues” for good! This technique is made up of specific hand positions that work to remove issues; particularly useful with emotional and mental healing.

QT – Quantum Touch – energy healing modality applies the principles of resonance and entrainment to facilitate healing. Practitioners learn to focus and amplify life force energy by combining breathing and body awareness exercises through a hands on technique.

Arcturian Sound Healing – energy transferred from the Arcturus Star System involving the use of sound, light language and energy to transfer light codes, upgrade light bodies, bring balance to energy systems. This energy healing system is done through energetic connection.

Lightwave Technology – modality from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light working with an individual’s higher self and higher consciousness to infuse healing, and upgrade the individual’s energy body and dna. This energy healing system is done vocally through energy transference.

Light Language Activations – is a multidimensional language that is encoded in sound and light. While many do not understand or recognize the words in human time and space, it is understood by all on a soul level. It is channeled directly through EstaRa and is spoken directly to the higher self of the recipient(s). The primary source of information will be performed through the soul’s language of light; therefore, there may or may not be a human translation for what is being channeled.

Multidimensional Energy Clearing for you, your chakras and energy bodies – EstaRa will along with her team of Guides, Angels, Galactic Healers will perform a scanning of your energy body through Arcturian Healing Technology that acts somewhat like an energetic x-ray. This will reveal what is being held, blocked or creating challenges in your life physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. With assistance from her healing team, EstaRa will remove things such as blocks, obstructions, cords, attachments, curses, patterns, past life karma, self-defeating thought patterns, manipulations, controls, lies, deceptions, fear, doubt, negativity, energetic implants and/or dark entities, shadow beings, impostor energies to name a few.


Remember, a miracle is just around the corner!

People are saying

“My migraine was gone in about 3 minutes; I felt peace with myself and my surroundings.  After a couple of minutes, April received a message from my grandfather. Being able to hear from him again was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life. I would not have been able to experience that without April and her amazing abilities. I truly recommend her for Reiki healing and spiritual guidance.”
– Kristine, Intuitive Healing Session

 “I just want to thank you and your extensive and amazing team so much for the Energy Body Upgrade and the follow up you wrote about it, wow, that’s impressive! I feel and am so blessed and grateful to have found you to be able to receive all this!” – Monique, Energy Body Upgrade