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Weekly Meditation
Energy Body Upgrade
Past Life Regression
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April Weekly Meditations (4/6, 4/13, 4/20 & 4/27) Registration is for the entire series of 4. (all times are 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT)
April 4
April 8
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Register here
Register here
Registration coming soon!
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Remember, a miracle is just around the corner!

People are saying

“The inner child healing class was amazing! April was a loving and guiding instructor. She gave us all insight on different experiences we had during the course. The course really allowed me to get to the root of issues that I was unaware of and helped me to delve deeper into the ones I knew about. The group fostered help, support and sisterhood. I’ve done much work on myself via other methods and classes but this one really got to the core of things that needed clearing and healing. Thank you April!” -Susan  Reiki Level 3

“I’m feeling so much love tonight I’m almost in tears.” – Mary, Solstice Celebration