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Energy Body Upgrades FAQ’s



What is an Energy Body Upgrade?

These are distant healings that prepare/clear/support/align/balance/ manifest all the evolutionary changes to your mental/emotional/physical/spiritual bodies. While this work is performed in a higher dimensional reality prior to making way to into your physical reality it is the perfect space for healing to begin and occur. The focus will be on adjustments and activations to your light body to assist it in assimilating the energies now anchoring on our planet; it doesn’t mean clearings will not occur; it simply means it will be more about integrating the “new earth” energy into your auric bodies. This is perfect for anyone wishing to remove blocks that have impeded them from moving forward mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and align you to the energy of unity and oneness.

How does a distant Energy Body Upgrade work?

There is no time and no space in the higher dimensions; therefore, there is no travel involved, no requirement on when or where to receive. The dates of the Energy Body Upgrades have been determined with the assistance of my Guides based upon several energetic conditions. On the selected date of the upgrade, you will be attuned to the energy at that time, or according to your highest good. My suggestion is that you ask Source/God/Spirit to manage your attunement entirely. It is also acceptable to receive the attunement/upgrade when you wish. The point being, accept this gift into your awareness at your leisure. It is much more important that you are positioned to accept at a time when you will not be distracted. .

How do I receive the Energy Body Upgrade?

Please be sure to find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for about an hour. I ask that you prepare your space where you intend to receive this healing. Honoring the process is just as important as the process itself. Additional details will be sent via email to you on the evening prior to the Energy Body Upgrade.


How does the Energy Body Upgrade feel?

The length of the process varies for each individual and experience. The upgrade may last anywhere from 20 minutes to 60 minutes. When one opens to the energy their bodies rejoice in the knowing that healing on all levels is occurring. The Upgrade is experienced differently for everyone: some people will feel good, calm and maybe even sleepy while others feel energized and vibratory. There is no right or wrong way that the Upgrade is experienced. At the end, you may be feeling dehydrated and increase the amount of water you drink. Likewise an increased elimination may be experienced as well. Try not to judge any part of it. Just allow for whatever comes. Most people experience a peace and calm. Some see dancing monkeys with fire batons. It’s all good! Go with the flow. If you would like to read some testimonials I would be happy to provide them to you.

What is a Healing Reaction?

A Healing Reaction is when the physical body temporarily produces new symptoms or aggravates the old ones as it clears away the energy associated with illness/patterns/emotions during or after an Upgrade. This is a visible sign that healing is occurring. If a healing reaction should occur, please remember that the symptoms will be intensified, but temporary. For example: if you have physical pain, it may get worse during or directly after the treatment session, but it is only temporary while it drops off you.

A detailed explanation as to what happened during the Energy Body Upgrade as well as suggestions for maintaining or assisting the energies will be sent out within 1-3 days after the Upgrade.

Why do some people experience a Healing Reaction and Others do not?

As individuals evolve and embody more light (higher frequency energy), they are able to maintain a higher vibrational energy working on them. Others may be newer to the higher frequencies and it may need a little time for the adjustments to happen; ie the Healing Crisis. This powerful energy is different than a typical Reiki or other Energy Healing you may have experienced as it is from more advanced Star Systems, such as: Arcturus, Pleiades, etc. In addition, assistance is provided throughout the process to each of you from the Archangelic Kingdom as well as the Ascended Masters. Because this work is done in the higher dimensional bodies of each of you, it greatly reduces the possibility of a Healing Crisis.

How do you know if the Energy Body Upgrade worked?

An Upgrade is generally felt during, but because it is performed in the higher dimensions, the effects may be subtle and go beyond what one can visibly see. Or the effects could be clearly evidenced in the significant improvements or releasing of emotions in the days following. It is important to drink more water for a period of 21 days, a widely accepted cleansing cycle. This healing can do no harm as it is offered from Love.

People are saying

“Thank you so much for taking me as a new client and for the session today. It was definitely very cleansing and grounding, and I will continue to process the experience over the week and do my homework! I hope you have a lively weekend!” – Mary, Intuitive Healing Session

 “When I opened the box I saw it was so nicely gift wrapped and you placed a card with it that I decided not to unwrap it until he gets here:) Thank you for everything and adding those special little touches. That meant so much!” – Chanise