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Clearing Out Old Energy


Why wait until spring to clean out? We reserve the Spring Season for “Spring Cleaning” and removing the dust and baggage that clutters our life as if that is when it is supposed to happen. Why not remove the clutter that clogs up your life now—perhaps a mental cleansing as well as a physical one? There is so much we allow ourselves to get caught up in that we fail to see that it is as simple as saying I deserve more and life is about love and nothing else. Why is it that a simple thing can be so difficult?

What can we do to clean out right now and start a new year? Traditionally the New Year has been called just that “A New Year” almost as if it is a new beginning or even more a clean slate. All the baggage and old of the last year can be let go of without the guilt and fear of the past. To live in a present moment means we must live for today, but how can we live for today if we are crowded by thoughts and memories of the past? Well the first is to let go of what we have that clutters around us.

I often wonder why I let my life get cluttered with things that don’t matter, for example, as I write I look around and I find that I have a bunch of piles that if I just went through them daily they wouldn’t be piles. I always think I have to know exactly what the outcome will be in order to begin. I think it all has to happen right away and in that moment—well as you all know moments quickly pass and I never get started. Wow—what a trick our mind does play. It is our mind’s way of setting us up to fail and “protecting” us from even getting started. Amazing –When I think about it!

So I took a few weeks off from writing and decided it was time to tackle just what I was writing about. How could I write about something that I myself was not doing? Ahh, but I must start and perhaps I need to cleanse all and everything. As you know I’ve been out of work the last few months in recovery from surgery and I’ve been home slowly getting better and getting caught up in feeling stuck and stagnant. So I decided I would start going through all the things I have just sitting there. Of course, I had Physical Therapy scheduled later that day and fully intended to clean, but instead I slept in, did a meditation and wrote in my journal; and the next thing I knew I had to leave to go to Physical Therapy. You are thinking—this was a great way to distract myself from cleaning; and yes, ordinarily, I would have to agree with you! I spent the day focusing on me, asking God, the Angels and the Earth to cleanse my soul. Remove from me the emotions and clutter from my energy so that I may take the steps needed to move forward. It was very cleansing emotionally and spiritually for me that day. Almost as if I detoxed my soul of all the baggage it had been hanging onto.

The next morning I woke up early and felt compelled to start my clearing process. My first step in the cleansing process was to ask someone to bring me a box of my stuff each week to weed through. I mean weeding through everything—things I was holding onto and thought I might need one day. Yes, we all have those piles, but do we need them? When was the last time you actually searched for or used that item you have been holding on to? At first, I thought if I didn’t use it in the last three years, I probably won’t be using it at all. As I started feeling the cleansing occurring, I changed the timeline to if I didn’t use it in the last two years, last year and then finally three months I was tossing it out. Two boxes of scrap paper, a recycle bin full, a bag of trash and several items to donate later, my space is being cleansed.

I continue to remove the clutter, the culprit of stagnation. Why do you think that was so powerful? When we hold onto things we are also holding onto the energy of those things as well as the emotion we attach to them. Items as well as thoughts carry vibrations that create an energy pattern in your life. Keep in mind, when holding onto something we are also holding onto that energy pattern that it emits, which can impact our lives in a negative way because that item (old energy pattern) may no longer be of use to us and may draw to us what we no longer want. We may have “moved” on from that energy, but because the item is still there the vibration is still there it doesn’t allow you to move on. I am ready to move on, how about you?

What I learned from this experience is: If I can clean up some of this clutter each day, I wouldn’t be so afraid to keep the clutter at bay. And if I continue to take little steps, perhaps one day I won’t have so much to clean up. It is a new calendar year, spring is still over a month away, what do I have to lose by starting now?

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