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Beacons of Light: The New Children Have Arrived


Whether you call them an Indigo, Rainbow or Crystal child, these “new children” have been increasingly arriving on our planet in the last twenty years, to assist humanity with the great shift in human consciousness; from one of separation to one of unity. When Whitney Houston recorded the song “The Greatest Love of All” in the 1980’s, and sang the following lyrics: “I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way,” I doubt she or many truly understood the significance of what was to come; and how very prophetic those words would be here now, in 2013. These new children have come here to truly show us the way: to shed light on what is not working, to prompt us to make changes individually as well as globally, to challenge our beliefs and expectations, to defy our limitations and to expand our consciousness beyond duality and separation.

The new children have come in with an evolved human consciousness that is different than the prevailing consciousness in existence on our planet. The earth and all her inhabitants are ready for this shift that is taking place. Spirit has sent forth these new children who are beacons of light from birth. Look closely at your children; and notice that they are in fact, more precious than ever: they come into the earth knowing who they are, why they are here, how they can change things; their gifts are astounding. The light of the new children does not blink on and off. These new children are beacons ready to bring peace, balance and harmony to our planet. However, their way of teaching is not by words; it is by actions, behaviors and examples. They are here to test us, teach us, train us, and lead us into a new consciousness by way of their sensitivities.

The new children seemingly have a lot of problems fitting in. But, is it that they have problems fitting in or is it that we have expectations as to how children should be; therefore, making it look as though they do not fit in? One of the greatest tragedies that I have seen is that we tend to want our child to “fit in” or be like everyone else; often because of our own issues with self acceptance and sense of belonging. These new children are highly sensitive human beings that are asking us to change the way we think and do things; they are not meant to “fit in”. Rather than viewing their sensitivity as a gift to us by way of showing us what is harmful, what is not working or what is in serious need of change, we tend to want them to be like everyone else because we like the comfort and security of doing things the way they have always been done, working or not. For example: it is like trying to fit a square peg in a circle opening. We tend to want to “shave” down the square peg making it smaller so it will go through the circle when, in fact, it would make more sense to widen the opening of the circle to fit in the entire square peg. But as with anything, that would require change and perhaps a new perception which isn’t always easy for people.

Unfortunately, our world has not always welcomed sensitivity and it is often perceived as a weakness; when in fact, sensitivity should be respected and seen as a gift. With this view, there is no wonder that the new children are often misunderstood and seen as having problems fitting in. I use the word “problems” for lack of a better word. Due to the sensitivity to their environment, these children experience resistance on every level, from physical, mental, emotional and behavioral issues, and become “labeled” with a “problem” to yet again “fit in”. I believe the “problems” that they face are due to something like “an allergy” to what they are exposed to, what is already transpiring in the environment around them. In this instance, environment doesn’t just mean the physical surroundings; it also means the prevailing belief systems, attitudes and behaviors in family, community and society as a whole.

Sadly, we as a society have become unaffected by many of the things that these new children are here to change because we have allowed our inner voice to be quiet and allowed the external world around us to desensitize us. If we take a look at the world today: it is evident what things may be impacting the well-being of our children, from food, to healthcare, to TV, to violence in school and at home. There are transformations that need to occur in every aspect of our world: such as how we grow and harvest our food, our damaged water supply, the spraying of chemicals , an increase in violence, the lack of self- responsibility and educational measurements to name a few. If these new children are having difficulty with our way of life, maybe we should re-evaluate our way of life rather than make these children fit into our expectations. Their job is to bring light to what is not working.

I have a special passion when it comes to the topic of children because of my experience as a sensitive individual. As a child, I was physically sick all the time when I was growing up, but there wasn’t always a clear medical reason for what was going on with me. While a physician could not figure it out, it didn’t mean there was nothing wrong it just meant that they were not looking at the bigger picture. What I have come to learn is that one of my intuitive gifts is to be empathic; that is, someone who feels other people’s stuff. As a child, I was unaware that I was picking up other people’s stuff by way of their energy and I incorporated it into my energy as if it were mine. I didn’t have anyone to teach me how to handle the energy coming at me; instead, I was overwhelmed by it causing physical illness. The “illness”, I believe, was more of an “allergy” to my environment. Today, my sensitivity is viewed as a gift to many because of the work I do and the value it holds in my life, but as a child it caused me a great deal of difficulty. I learned to block my gift so that I was not different; and I was encouraged to “fit in”. Later in life, I reopened to my gift when I was ready to heal and explore who I truly was.

As new children coming into this world, it can be difficult if they are not treated with compassion and provided with guidance on their path. While they may not have completely forgotten why they are here, these children do tend to shield, often in unhealthy ways because they don’t know any other way. When these new children are asked to “fit in” or forced to be like everyone else it creates an imbalance and/or dis-ease for them. They are not capable of blocking out their gifts and usually act out in some way particularly through their behavior or by displaying developmental problems. It is evident that these new children want to be heard and they are seeking our attention.

Since the gift of sensitivity has played a large role in my life, it has prompted me to help children learn how to use theirs. Teaching them to understand, navigate and use their energy/sensitivity is by far one of the favorite parts of my job. As these children grow into who they are it becomes quite a learning experience for everyone involved. It requires us to shift our perception to understand that the changes that need to be made are of benefit to all of humanity. Unfortunately, the traditional medical route usually consists of diagnose, label and medicate, which perpetuates the consciousness of separation. Moving into the consciousness of unity with the help of these children, reminds us that we are connected to all living things, and therefore one thing impacts another.

There are many ways that you, too, can assist the new children on our planet. First, realize that children are not meant to “fit in”. They are meant to stand out as the beautiful beacons of light that they are. Second, children need to be heard and validated. Listen to children and honor what they think, feel and say because how you respond to them will inevitably affect whether or not they believe in themselves. Third, step for a bit into their world. Allow them to show you by their perception of life on earth who they are and what they experience rather than making a judgment based on societal labels. Fourth, give them the tools they need to understand themselves and energy better. Seek out alternative forms of healing and care for them as well as allow them to learn those techniques for their well- being. Finally, teach these children to tune into, honor and respect their sensitivity. For I believe it is their sensitivity that will transform the people of the earth and make way for the evolution of human consciousness. The new children need us to show them the way, by making room for them to show us the way.



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“Been a Tarot card reader for 40 years, and I regularly read for and teach people how to read cards,  EstaRa is one of the readers I recommend to watch, and learn from, on YouTube. She is very accurate.  In a 3 card 5 min reading, she gave specific details that matched details my own readings gave me.  For example, my guides gave me the number “8,” then EstaRa pulled a card with a big “8” being formed.  And I have had gotten multiple messages about metaphoric thunderstorms, and guess what EstaRa saw on my twin’s card. . . a thunderstorm.  Now that’s what I call card reading!  I heed her message  “Loud and clear”.” – Scott, Twin Flame Intuitive Reading